Goal Steps: 5,000

Steps Taken: 8,536 (as of 10:05 pm)


Weights, stretching, AbDolly, Walked the dogs.
We actually took a longer walk today, which was a little rough on my knee and I was pretty sore for most of the afternoon, but it seems to be back to normal.  My back is also feeling VERY stiff.  But that might just be stress related.  I’m going to play it by ear, maybe skip the AbDolly tomorrow to see if that’s what is affecting my back.  Ahhhh back problems are never fun.  Oh well.

I also FINALLY went food shopping.  I was good, didn’t buy anything bad for me.  All fruits and veggies, some pistachios as well.  I also loaded up the dehydrator tonight with some veggies.  So now I just wait 1-1 1/2 days to try my own dried fruits.  Fingers crossed!