Well today would be day #22 of my 10,000 step challenge.  Aaaaaand I’m nowhere close.

It has been a very snowy January.  Which personally I find to be fabulous because I just ADORE snow, but it is making heading out and walking very difficult.  I haven’t completely dropped the 10k challenge, but I’ve been hitting some snowy walls in it.

So overall news, I gained back the 4 pounds with a week of being snowed in and eating like crap.  I really need to learn how to deal with stress in ways other than my default: to eat.  Having had some bad news last week I was extra eating.

But this past week I’m back on board.  I actually started a food journal on myfitnesspal.com and it’s keep me on track with my eating.  I like seeing numbers, it makes it all real.

So that’s the update for now.  Tomorrow is my weekly weigh in, we’ll see if I lost anything.  But either way, even with the obstacles and all, I’m still keeping positive.  And I still love the snow ❤